What We Do

Matthew 25:36b says “I was in prison and you came to visit me.”  While Thunder has been involved with prison ministry for the last several years, 2008 became a year that God opened new doors and new opportunities to share the gospel within the prison walls.  Thunder is involved with ministry teams going in to prison units to do one-on-one and small group ministry, unit chapel services and prison-wide revivals.  God has taken Thunder’s passion for helping men understand God’s definition of manhood and used it in powerful and mighty ways inside the prison walls.  For this reason prison evangelism has become an integral part of ThunderHeart Ministries.  We are looking forward to growing and developing this part of our ministry in the days and months ahead.

In addition, ThunderHeart Ministries is available to your church or group to lead a retreat, participate as an instructor/ facilitator or fill the pulpit for worship leadership.  If you have a need, please considerThunderHeart Ministries.  We can offer your men’s group an opportunity to have a weekend retreat that will change the way men view masculinity and manhood.  The program (developed by Reid Monaghan, pastor of Jacob’s Well Church located in central New Jersey) is entitled “A Real Man – The Search for God’s Definition of Manhood – A Bible study for the investigation of Biblical masculinity” based on Stu Weber’s works “Tender Warrior” and “Four Pillars of a Man’s Heart”. The program consists of:

Introduction to the study on Manhood: What does it mean to be a man? The importance of manhood for families and communities.

The King in Every Man’s Heart – Leadership and Authority, Servant-Kings, Vision for the Future and Providing in the Present, Warning: The King Pillar out of Balance – Abdicator (passive men) or Tyrant (oppressive men).

The Warrior in Every Man’s Heart – Things we take a stand for, The Qualities of a Warrior, How a Warrior Should Operate, Warning: The Warrior Pillar out of Balance – Cowards or Brutes, and a brief note on Christian positions on war.

The Mentor in Every Man’s Heart – Being a life coach, a model for Biblical mentorship, Inputs into the life of a mentor, Outputs from the life of a mentor, Warning:

The Mentor Pillar out of Balance – Dunce (ignorant of life principles) or Know-It-All.

The Friend in Every Man’s Heart – The importance of people in our lives, the Power of Connection with God and other Men, Biblical story of David and Jonathan, Warning: The Friend Pillar out of Balance – Loner or Smotherer.

Character, who we are, holds the four pillared man together. Ways character is forged in our lives, God cares about character, the role of trials in developing character, a man and perseverance (example of the life of Job), the Holy Spirit as the power source for character formation.

What can cause the real man to falter and fail? Three things given to men by God — Power, Material Possessions, and Sexuality — that when abused can bring a real man crashing down. Biblical counsel in each area and an example of a man (Joseph) who lived God’s priorities for PMS.

A look at Christian marriage and the roles of husband and wife. The challenge of being a godly husband and father. A view of these roles through the four pillars of a man’s heart – King, Warrior, Mentor, and Friend.