Allen “Thunder” Scott is the founder of ThunderHeart Ministries. He was brought up in the church and jokingly tells audiences he and his younger brother had a “drug” problem when they were growing up. Thunder says “every time the church doors were open, Mom drug Roger and me to whatever was going on.” He made a public profession of faith as an adolescent and continued his spiritual development through his teens and young adulthood. When Thunder was 27, his younger brother, Roger, died at the age of 25. Roger had Muscular Dystrophy and although life presented him with many challenges, he faced them with courage and he was a tremendous inspiration to those around him. Thunder was devastated by Roger’s death and it was at this point in his life that he began running from God.  Satan took this opportunity to convince Thunder that God could not possibly love a sinner such as himself.

He shares with audiences the fact that he took God to some of the most disgusting places in this world to do some of the most disgusting things in order to prove that he was not worthy of God’s love and acceptance. In his testimony, Thunder states “God never left me and He never stopped loving me even when I stopped loving myself.” He now takes those life experiences and shares the gospel from them.  One of his favorite statements is “there is so much more joy running to God than running from Him.” Thunder has taken his gospel message inside prison walls and shared the love of God with inmates and prison staff alike. He has been in facilities that range from minimum security to maximum security and shared the gospel with inmates in day rooms, lockdown units, chapel services and revivals. His passion for leading men to a greater understanding of God’s definition of manhood has been well received inside the prison walls and he loves prison evangelism and being called a “Prison Evangelist.” Inmates’ state one of the things they enjoy most about Thunder’s preaching is his willingness to share God’s Word and his life experiences openly and honestly.

Today, Thunder and his lovely wife Dorothy operate their ministry out of Tupelo, MS. They firmly believe in God’s institution of the family and the role men should hold as spiritual leaders. In addition to their activities with ThunderHeart Ministries, Thunder and Dorothy are actively involved with motorcycle ministries. Hope Church in Tupelo, Mississippi is their church home.